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Rising above its former reputation as a highly volatile market, land prices on Koh Samui have stabilized a great deal in recent years. The island has weathered tough economic times better than might be expected, and as the world economy strengthens the property market is looking healthy, both for land and second home purchases. Many investors are finding the purchase of vacant plots preferable to buying existing properties, enjoying the total control of deciding exactly what they want their property to feature, and allowing for bespoke construction to bring back the maximum return on investment.

Koh Samui is a relatively large island, the third largest in Thailand, and has a considerable amount of quality, accessible beachfront land. As the island becomes more and more well known as a major holiday destination, beachfront property in some areas has become premium real estate, but the island’s many small beaches and coves away from major tourist areas mean land can still be bought at bargain prices, even right by the water. As Koh Samui is still a rising star compared to already established destinations such as Bali or Phuket, with a little research and due diligence, land can be still be found a fraction of the price one might pay elsewhere.

As with any property purchase, those buying land on Koh Samui must be careful to make sure that whatever designs they may have are both feasible and legal. Zoning restrictions can cause headaches to those who are not diligent, but reputable agents like EP Samui offer expert guidance for buyers throughout the purchase process. As major international law firms and other established names have begun to set up shop on the island and the market has matured, Koh Samui has developed into a far safer, if slightly more expensive investment landscape than in years past. Purchasing land in Thailand is notoriously difficult for foreigners, but it is far from impossible, and with the right guidance can actually be quite straightforward. Many different types of land titles are available, which means a professional is the preferred option to help a buyer get the exactly the kind of paperwork and permits they need to keep everything secure.

With Koh Samui being having developed into a diverse tourist and residential island destination, location is extremely important. The main means of transportation is either by boat or on the ring road that loops around the perimeter of the island, and getting from one side to the other takes more than an hour. Development is taking place at a rapid pace in many areas, and it is important to speak with proper professionals familiar with the market, such as EP Samui, who can advise on not only a proper location, but how that location may change in the future.

With stunning tropical beauty and gorgeous beaches, international airports and world class shopping and dining, buying land on Koh Samui is the perfect way to create the property of your dreams. However, It is important to seek out the right professional agent to make sure you get exactly the result you are aiming for.


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