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Koh Samui's property market has undergone a drastic change from being a relatively undeveloped market for the few investors who could undertake high risks, to one of Thailand and Asia's most popular holiday and second home markets with guaranteed returns. The transformation has seen some of the most expensive villas being built while a number of mixed-use developments and resort villas have also complimented the island's increasingly upscale landscape.

Koh Samui's property market is tightly linked to the island's growing tourism industry, which has in itself moved from being a lazy backpacker destination to becoming a preferred play ground for high net worth individuals from around the globe. Visitors often fall in love with the island and decide to invest in the property market as a way to buy a place in paradise but also for investment purposes by renting out the property while it's not in use.

In its infant years the Koh Samui property market was a favoured place for investors looking for fast returns as the island quickly became known as an alternative to Thailand's more well-known resort destinations such as Pattaya, Hua Hin and Phuket. Investors entering the market during this time saw their investments increase dramatically in value over a number of years, however this kind of profit and demand have somewhat slowed due to the global economic crisis and a maturing of the market. Land and property prises have risen and have subsequently narrowed profit margins in the short term. However, the maturing of the market has brought with it better quality properties for the end user as competition increases between property developers and only the best are rewarded.

The maturing of both the tourism industry and the property market has also meant that Koh Samui has had to upgrade its infrastructure in order to meet the demands of high end property developments and the customers who use them. The local government has been relatively swift in realising this and the infrastructure on the island has greatly improved in the last five years. Roads, communication networks and waste and water management are now on par with what is found in Bangkok and special attention is given to conserving the fragile island ecosystem in order to maintain the lure of Koh Samui as a top destination in Thailand.

Supporting industries have also benefitted from international investors and a number of foreign run construction, architecture and consulting companies that have heightened quality and made the market easier and safer to navigate.The quality of construction is equal to that found in the west and in most cases complimented by trending, innovative creative industries such as architecture and interior design firms that specialise in designing for a tropical climate. They take great pride in making villas and private residences blend in with the natural surroundings in order to cause as little visual pollution as possible to the overall image of the island.


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